Revision Tags



I have a model with some revision tags. If I copy that model, then how does anaplan decide which revision tag to show in the new and old models? Sometimes it shows the latest Revision Tag and sometimes it creates a new revision tag with the name 'Copy Model'.



Best Answer

  • MarkWarren

    Take a look at this page: Working with Revision Tags - Anaplan Technical Documentation
    here's an extract.

    We recommend you always add a revision tag just before you copy a model.

    • When you copy a model containing unsaved structural changes, a new revision tag is automatically added to the original model and then copied to the new model. This ensures that no structural changes are lost in the copy process. A revision tag that was created by copying a model is entitled “Copy Model”.
    • When you copy a model that doesn’t have any unsaved structural changes, the latest revision tag in the original model is copied to the new model. The name of the revision tag is unchanged.

    You may be better creating a model from revision...