Separating List updates and propreties updates


Hi, There are a lot of situation in Anaplan where you need to make a distinction between actions which ADD / UPDATE Lists items and actions wich updates ONLY PROPERTIES WITHOUT adding new items to the lists. My assumption is that you are usig a Hub mode, as you should. This Hub model manage all you Lists, and the properties of the lists items. You have another model, Forecast for example, which is using the Hub as a source for its own Forecast lists and Forecast lists properties. The properties of your lists items may have changed in the Hub and  you may wish to update them. However, the scope of the list items in the Forecast mode need to be frozen. You do now wish to add new items. If you create an action in the Forecast Model to import lists and list properties fron the source Hub List, you will not be able to monitor the prperties updates from the add new items in the lists. That's why you need to do the following : In the Hub Model : create a module with 3 views : Source for list Source for Subset Source for Data  In the Forecast Model,

  • create a list by importing only the lists item from the first Hub source
  • create a module where ALL the properties will be imported. Create an action which imports the properties values into ths module from the Hub source for data 
  • Optionnaly, in the orecast list itslef, create prpperties which refer to the module line items. You can use the module line item later on in the model for your SUMs and LOOKUPs, but its is more convenient to centralized all the relevant properties at list level (even if there is no refernce to from the time being). 

By doing so, you will be able to update your properties wihout adding new items to your lists. Kind regards. Michel.