Salesforce Connector

[img alt="Harisha.Mo" height="40" id="_x0000_i1025" style="border-radius: 5px; height: auto; line-height: 100%;" width="40"][/img] Hello, How can I add a Salesforce connector to an existing model? I see the Apps in the Apphub provide a way to create a new model with the Connector already placed in the Imports. But if I need to do this for an existing model what’s the process? Did not find anything about this in the Anapedia or community. Any pointers please? Thank You, Harisha


  • Hi Harisha,

    We recently had a similar request, but were told by Support that at this time you can only download the Anaplan apps that have the connectors built in (Sales Forecasting, etc.).  Our workaround was to use the Salesforce Connector inputs from that apphub model, and then create an import from that model to our primary model in the same workspace.  Not ideal, but it worked, and hopefully Anaplan improves this functionality in the near future.  Happy to share more details about how we made this work if you'd like!

    -Chris Weiss