GL's available by Property, Owner, & Expense Category


Hello Everyone!


I'm working on a budgeting model and need some help. Happy to provide any necessary details I may have omitted.


We have a handful of properties (ownership specific) that need to budget in a specific GL account, while the remaining 90% of properties shouldn't have access to the GL in question.


Currently, properties are held in a 3 level hierarchical list, which feeds up to Regional Manager, Region, then Total Company. Ownership is held in an attributes module.


GL's are at the bottom of an 8 level hierarchical list. In this COA hierarchy, we have subsets for various categories. ss.IS_Utilities Expense is the subset this specific GL needs to be a part of to be budgeted.


All of the end user work is done through a newly designed app. Ideally, any end users working on the specified properties, would have the specified GL available to them in the grids below, and it would be omitted for any other users. Currently, no one has access to this GL account.








I am really struggling to come up with a way to do this. So far, my only idea is to create a secondary module & page that only users working on those properties have access to. Not ideal, given the extra work involved for any staffing changes.





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  • JaredDolich

    If your COA is flattened, such that each level in the COA represents a definable level, then all you need to do is add a system module at the level you want to apply the selective access. For example, level 4 of the COA contains the lowest of the three properties in the 3-level hierarchy. From there, it's as simple as using SUM or LOOKUP.

    The bottom line is this: You have to have a relationship between the COA and the properties somewhere. The best place is on a COA system module since that is where you want to apply the selective access.

    Hope that helps.


  • @DavidHunter 

    Just a quick thought on this. Could you convert your ragged list to a structured hierarchy then apply the properties to the right level? In that way you can use selective access and/or a list subset.

    Here's @rob_marshall post on how to do this. He may have a best practice article out there too.



  • Hey Jared, apologies as I'm not familiar with ragged lists/hierarchies.


    Are you asking if we could combine the 2 separate hierarchies (3 levels & 8 levels respectively) into 1 hierarchy with 11 levels such that each property has the full COA beneath it?




  • Thanks for the further breakdown Jared! I think I was making this much more complex than necessary.


    We created 2 booleans within a system module for the COA, 1 to indicate if a GL is specific to any owners, and another to indicate which accounts are specific to that owner. This was done to avoid having to select each account usable by any given owner.


    Then added a filter boolean referencing those property specific GL's with an ISNOT and LOOKUP to drive the saved view. 



    Your explanation makes a lot more sense after having executed it, thanks again!