3.4.3 Activity: Create Country Summary Module - Vague Instructions?


One of the frustrating things about this course is how much instructions vary from section to section. The last section was nicely detailed. This section... are these supposed to be instructions? Does it want me to add formulas? Or is this just a fyi for a later step?





  • @jadefortunato 

    Hehe, good callout. I had the same reaction to that diagram too. The key to remember is that in order to use LOOKUP or SUM there has to be a relationship established somewhere. That "somewhere" is best defined in a system module, or a module that has only one list. It's here you add all the properties and relationships to other lists. Hope that helps. Practice is the key. Here's some great videos on LOOKUP and SUM if you want to get some extra practice in.







  • Thanks, I've been working on this and was trying to use look up, but apparently you are supposed to use PARENT().


    However, I think I must have something wrong, because mine will not accept what seems to work for others. I either get no population of the Country Made In, or I get an error.


    It accepts this


    But does not populate this



    And does not accept this, which is apparently the correct way to do it:



    Also worth noting here is it will not allow me to select "Distribution Center?" when trying to create the formula, despite the data clearly being there:



    Even weirder is, that's the list, right? SYS06 has the same data. So I tried:
    PARENT('SYS06 Location Details'.Distribution Center?) but got this:


     So it won't let me use the list because the formula is invalid, but it won't let me use the module, because it has to be a list?
    I tried using this instead, because both the G3 Location List and the SYS06 Location details have common dimensions, like "Code" however 
    'SYS06 Location Details'.Country[lookup: Supplied By], and
    'SYS07 Distribution Center Details'.Country[lookup: Supplied By]
    result in:


    And this is true for any column.