3.6.1 Activity: Create Roles

Okay. I am super confused with role access and just realized I haven't actually done it correctly in the other two sprints. Here are the roles:


Product Supply Manager: should be able to update their assigned products and product SKUs, but only view their assigned Product Family across all regions.


Regional Vice President Role  should be able to view only the Distribution Centers located in their assigned Region. They should NOT be able to change the capacity or standard shipping method in any of their Distribution Centers.


So my options appear to be to be able to give read or write access for entire modules, data versions, lists or actions. Wasn't that the point of building the dashboards? The end users aren't ever going to be in the model, right?  Don't they just get access to their dashboard and that's it? That said, I don't see anywhere to actually grant access to dashboards. There's a "Landing Dashboard" but there are no options. 




  • @jadefortunato 

    Love your thinking! First step is to be aware of all the security options which you've discovered. In this case, we really only need to restrict their access to the lists, so we'll just need selective access for now. Eventually, you'll get to the modules, which I've shown below. The way to test it is to change your role. Just don't remove your workspace admin (leave that checked).