Level 1 lesson 8.5.3 Volume Input modules


I am unable to recognize what's wrong is going on, have change the pivot also, but then also error is there. 


Can anyone help me finding out what am i doing wrong in this?



  • Hello @hemant2000 ,


    It seems like you are in the correct path. However, in the screen that pops up just before that window when you try to import something, you should change the initial rows and columns to fit your file. As you can see, it is starting from the 1st row "Volume" rather than starting with the one below, which has the names of the columns.


    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hi Hemant,


    While importing in List (File option) you should always check the rows and columns first according to your need,


    In your Import (File option), you need to change the Header row and First data row (2,3) Instead of (1,2).



    Achal Jain 



  • Thank you