Found a typo in the "P&L Actuals & Budget" file used in Level 1 11.3.2 Activity


When importing "P&L Actuals & Budget"  during the Level 1 11.3.2 Activity I noticed the data that's supposed to be assigned to Phone Costs is listed under "Car Phone" in the file itself.


Ultimately it's not a big issue and just means you have to manually map one item when importing but I figured I would share this finding just incase.


anatplan typo edit.PNG 


  • @Richard05 




    This is sometimes done intentionally, as source items and target line items don't always match, so manually mapping source to target is required.


    This is a good exercise in itself and used in L2 and L3 courses.


    Hope this helps 



  • @Richard05 

    Great callout. Agree with @RavinderB this is a test to refresh your learning on mapping. However, there used to be a time when the data file had misspelled words like TOYKO instead of TOKYO. That was not intended and drove people crazy. Those have since been fixed fortunately. But, please continue to share the things that don't look right - we notify Anaplan Academy on all these findings.