Lesson 11.3.4 cost of sales wrong?


My cost of sales isn't matching up with what the lesson shows it should be. I checked the module it's getting its data from and the formula and they both seem to be fine. I figure I must be missing something but I can't figure out what.anaplan1134form.PNGanaplan1134data.PNG


  • @Richard05 

    Your formula is perfect. Good job! So this formula is checking on the version being used. If the version is Forecast then we want to pull the number from REV03. If it's Actual or Budget we pull from DAT01. In your case, we're looking at the forecast version so we need to double check the value in REV03. If the formula in REV03 is correct, keep tracing it back until you find the problem. Also make sure your growth rate matches the grid your comparing to.



  • Thanks Jared!


    After taking a step away for a bit and coming back I noticed that I had forgotten to remove a switchover date which had passed. I removed it and everything looks to be working fine now.