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Can Anybody help me out with this please - REPO1 formula for revenue gives me this error.REPO1 formula for revenue gives me this error.


  • @neelam 

    What this error is saying is that the hierarchy you used in REV03, G3 Location does not have a clear relationship to G2 Country, and possibly G1 Region does not have a Top Level, "All Regions". Check to make sure you location hierarchy is not ragged and ensure that G1 Region has the "All Regions" top level.



  • Hi Neelam,


    You will get this error if G2 is assigned as a parent to the G3 Location and the G3 Location does not have a built-in Top level. Please check your geographical hierarchy once again, this should get resolved automatically.


    I have attached 2 screenshots for your reference, If need more help please drop a REP01 Screenshot.jpgG3 Location Hierarchy.jpgtext.


    Thanks & Regards

    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital

  • @JaredDolich 

    While making G2 as a parent for G3, it show that-


    Invalid formula.

    'SYS04 Location Details'.Region = PARENT('SYS04 Location Details'.Country)

    'SYS04 Location Details'.Region has LIST:G3 Location format but the formula resolves to LIST:G2 Country format.

  • @Badam 

    Parent and Code for Countries is not reflecting even after doing the mapping several times. 

    Please find the screenshot for your reference. 

  • Hi Neelam, 


    Your problem is that G1 Region and G2 Country Import have not happened properly.


    Start reimporting the data from G1, G2, and G3. This will help you to update the properties. Post then you will come out of this problem. If need any help we can connect post then. 


    Thanks & Regards

    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital 

    Ph No: 9625266183

  • Thanks I have done the needful successfully 🙂