Data import scheduling


Hi, I'm using the Anaplan Connector for Salesforce model downloaded from App Hub. I want to import data from Salesforce into the model at the scheduled time such as on Fridays at 1:00 pm. Is it possible? If possible, could you tell me how to implement it or where I can check the procedure in the anapedia? Regards, Maki Yasuda



  • Hi,
    I am not using the Salesforce connection yet, but I use Anaplan Connect quite a lot.

    The shceduler is not within Anaplan Connect. Once the bataches have been tested and are Ok for automatisation, my customers are using their own scheduler. The native and basic Windows task scheduler works fine for this, while other people have their own dedicated sheuler on their server. I guess it is more a matter of taste.

    But you will need to check for Saleforce link. Maybybe their is a dedicated scheduler for this.

    Hope it helps.
    Kind regards.
  • Hi Michel,

    I understand that Anaplan doesn't have the scheduler within itself.

    Maki Yasuda