Cannot add Revision tag



I am trying to add a revision tag to the test model so I can compare and sync it to the production model. 

However, the button to add the revision tag is disabled. 

Please note that the model is in 'Deployed Mode'. 



  • Hi @abhishah 

    The revision tag is a structural snapshot of the model and it is used to sync any model changes from dev to test/prod environment , 

    since your test model is in deployed mode , structural changes cannot be made to it hence revision tag cannot be added , 

    Is there a development model which is used to develop the functionality and then synced to test/prod models , if so , then you can directly synchronize the revision tag from dev to prod which is there in the test model as the structure for the models will be compatible if sync has happened in test and need to be pushed to production.



  • Hello,

    Thank you for your quick response. Here is what I did:

    1. Copied Prod model to Test. 

    2. Prod model I think was in deployed mode already when I copied over.

    3. Apply all the changes that I need to and now I want 'compare and sync' with the prod model. 

    Is there an easier way to do that?

  • hi @abhishah 

    Well this the best method , if the test is in sync and the functionality is working as expected , means you can move the changes made in dev to prod via ' compare and sync' . 

    In prod model sync , you will be able to see the compatible source model and the RTs available to sync to prod , so you can select which RT to sync to prod ( in case multiple RTs available in dev model after last sync to prod ) ,