Level 2 activity 3.5.4 INV04 Distribution Center Capacity Module



I put the formulas and get results but in some posts saw different numbers. Can anybody with the correct numbers verify my numbers? In case of wrong numbers here are my modules.


INV01 Grid View


INV01 Formula



INV04 Grid View


INV04 Formula


I am not sure about my time summary settings as well.


Many thx in advance!






  • @Muhammed 

    First of all, let me be the first to congratulate you. INV01 is the hardest module to build in all the courses. Good job! From what I can tell everything looks right. Your numbers go negative because there are no purchase orders yet. You will eventually be loading a file that contains them all and all your numbers, including the exceptions will correct themselves.

    Way to go!

    As a test, you should click on your POs and manually try adding some numbers. Just don't forget to reset them after your test.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for quick response but I have checked:
    Total Beginning Inventory in my INV04 Distr. Center Cap. module in New York for Jan 20:

    In DAT01 Beginning Inventory module All Product in New York :
    And in my INV01 module when I choose All Product Beginning Inventory i see no number. Summary setting are (None, Time : Closing Balance)
    So I suppose there must be mistake. A screenshot with true values would be great!