Module 1; unable to import csv files missing csv file.




I'm not able to import the csv file into workspace ( example Products.csv). 

Error message displayed: he uploaded file is no longer available; please upload the file again.

Can you please let me know where I should find the files? 


Thank you,

Ana Maria 


  • @Anna28Maria 

    Awesome question. The error you are getting is telling you that some time ago, more than 48 hours ago, you uploaded the file using a private setting. At that time, Anaplan created a default file that contained all the information in that file. This allows you to reuse the file without having to manually upload it again. After 48 hours of non usage the default file will be removed. So in order to load the product list you'll need to manually reload the file which I've attached here. Just open the list and click on "import".



  • Hi,


    Thanks for the useful information and Products.csv files.

    I really appreciate your answer.


    Best regards,

    Ana Maria