Filter on 2 levels of hierarchy


I'm trying to display on a dashboard a table of company employees (dimension = employee ID, line items are employee characteristics).  Each employee is assigned to a SLT member (identified in one of the line items), and each SLT member rolls up to a ELT member in the hierarchy.


That hierarchy looks like

  • ELT1
    • SLT1
    • SLT2
    • SLT3
  • ELT2
    • SLT4
    • SLT5
    • SLT6

The module I'm using is dimensionalized by the Employee ID and the ELT hierarchy list, with all of the employee characteristics only dimensionalized by Employee ID. 


I have some staging lines with both dimensions where I'm identifying the SLT member that is selected, checking if it's a match to the one that employee is assigned to, and creating a filter.  That works great for the SLT level of the hierarchy, but I'm trying to make it so that if a user selects ELT1, the filter will show all SLT members who roll up to that ELT member. 


I haven't been able to get it to identify which ELT level member is selected without making it a different subsidiary view with that dimension, but when I do that I'm not able to use that line as a filter. 


Any suggestions to make it work? Thanks in advance.   




  • @geoffhartmann 

    Great question. In Anaplan we have to make the distinction between a context selector and a filter. I believe what you're asking for is a context selector that dynamically updates the grids based on what was selected. Anaplan unfortunately doesn't work like that. It can only update grids based on the lists that are being used in the module. The workaround is to create an editable field, in your case, all the SLT, in a dimensionless module. When selected you will trigger a line item in your planning grid to filter on that SLT, or all the SLTs in that ELT. The only drawback to this workaround is that you'll have to refresh the page.

    Probably not the answer you wanted.

  • @geoffhartmann 

    As @JaredDolich was mentioning, it is needed to make a distinction between context selectors and filtering mechanisms using line-items. 


    In your case, you would like to have context selectors filters and this can be achieved, but not in the original Employee module where you define the characteristics. It is needed an additional module with Employee and SLT list and create the filtering there. 


    If I understood correctly, you have an Employee module where you have defined the Employee (like SYS01 below)




    You need an additional module with Employee  + SLT List (SYS01b) where, whatever element you choose in Page from ELT list ( base element or aggregation) are needed to be shown only the Employees related the chosen element (like below)


    The trick is to have the filter line-item "Filter SLT" with aggregation "Any" and all the characteristics of the Employee line-item to be defined with the subsidiary view with only "Employee" list. See below the blueprint  of module SYS01b:


    When publishing the view, it is needed to create the filter with line-item "Filter SLT"  = True. 





    An issue with this solution is that you do not publish the original module, so all the Employee characteristics are "read-only"...but to modify a characteristic one-by-one can be used the drill-down functionality.. 


    Another small issue is that you duplicate the cells for all the Employee characteristics in order to achieve this functionality.


    Hope it helps



  • @JaredDolich In order not to be obliged to refresh the page: add in the filtering modules also the Users list.

    in NUX, the modules published with the filters that contain also the Users list are refreshed automatically.


    Hope it helps