Stuck on sprint 2 Question 5

Hi, I have attempted the exam multiple times now and cant get out of the first and 5th question on Level 2 sprint 2 exam. I have reviewed all available resources on Roles, Selective Access, Dynamic Cell Action and WORKSPACE Adminstrator Many times and still getting the Question wrong. Please help anyone. My email is [email protected].

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  • Hi @AslamM 


    We cannot advise on actual exam questions but for this question explore the videos which will help you.




    ROLES - where the relevant read/write/none access to given to modules based on their role

    SELECTIVE ACCESS - is always to do with lists; what can someone access in a list or not
    DCA - cell specfic access only e.g. read/write/none

    WORKSPACE ADMIN - to be able to see modules, lists etc in the model; one has to have this level if access to build models


    thank you