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can you help me please

I have a problem with the mapping days not displaying correctly when I select YYYYMMDD.
also with the commissions which are displayed at 15 instead of 0.15


2022-09-14 (33) 1.jpg 



  • @SataDiawara 

    The date format is a result of your browser settings. It looks like you got the right dates in there which is the important thing. So that's okay. If you want the date to look differently you'll have to adjust your browser.

    As for the percentages, this will happen if Anaplan cannot find the decimal point in your input file. You can tell Anaplan that its there by selecting the decimal point during import.



  • Hi @SataDiawara,


    1. If you want the date to be in a specific format, please change your laptop's date format. Your anaplan system will take laptop time format. 

    2. Regarding the 0.15 becoming 15 please ensure that the decimal separator is the dot (".") rather than the comma(",") while importing the file. 


    Thanks & Regards

    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital Technologies 

  • thank you so much Jared!

  • Thank you so much Badam Anjani !!