Keeping current: 2023 certification requirements

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Being a Certified Model Builder, Certified Solution Architect, or Certified Master Anaplanner means that you’re a highly qualified and valued part of the Anaplan ecosystem! As stewards of Anaplan, our goal is to ensure your expertise stays relevant, regardless of when you were certified. Staying current with the latest Anaplan product releases and best practices will maintain your certification and enhance your expertise.

To ensure Certified Model Builders, Certified Solution Architects, and Certified Master Anaplanners remain current on Anaplan’s new features and functionalities, a technical training or quiz is required to re-certify for the following year. This year, the certification-maintenance requirements for 2023 details that a short course, Introduction to Polaris, is required to be completed prior to the end of December 2022 by all Anaplan Certified Model Builders, Certified Solution Architects, and Certified Master AnaplannersIf you are not certified but still wish to complete the Introduction to Polaris Course, it is available to you here.

Certified Model Builder and Certified Solution Architect

The requirements to maintain certification are the same for both a Certified Model Builder and a Certified Solution Architect.

2023 Maintenance Requirements (valid through December 31, 2023):

Certified Master Anaplanner

The requirements for Certified Master Anaplanners (CMAs) to maintain certification include maintaining your certification as a Certified Solution Architect and completing the CMA contribution activity requirement. CMAs may read more about the contribution-maintenance requirements on the Certified Master Anaplanner Persona Hub Resources page and in the Certified Master Anaplanner ENGAGE newsletter.

2023 Maintenance Requirements (valid through December 31st, 2023):

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