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Hi Anaplan Community,


Below is a screenshot of the error I receive every time when I try to run a process with and excel file upload. what is more concerning is, if the same file has been uploaded by different user then system works fine? Please let me know how to tackle this issue.



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  • KirillKuznetsov


    You and your colleague have to google "change regional settings in windows/iOS" and follow it's steps. Then compare what you and you colleague have and try to adjust your settings

    The settings screen should look something like that in MS




  • @Aditya1993hello

    Thanks for mentionning that it works for another user.

    This may be caused by regional settings difference in you PC and other user's one. Please compare your file and the file which your colleague saves before the upload. The delimeters can be different - "," and ".".

    Also make sure that the column headers are prefectly the same for you and other user.

  • @Aditya1993 one more check you can make: please take a look at user settings, could also be the case that selective access is different between user profiles (it happens while I'm testing someone's access for example), causing some of the automated mappings to be dropped.

  • @JJANIK I've Workspace admin with Full access but still face the issue, I guess the main issue is in my Excel setting but don't know how to deal with it.