Data integration - Members are not added into numbered list during import with Cloudworks


Hi all,


I need to import data from view and I have to import all records from differents views so I am using numbered list for the import.

The process is working well when I launched the process with my user, all members are correctly added


but not with Cloudworks 🤔



As you can guess, I want to schedule the update and I followed the guideline for configuring my process



Is there any work around to accomplish this.

Many Thanks for your help!


Alexis C.

Best Answer


  • Hi @achoeung 


    You have to setup the process as you generally do. It is not mandatory to give this name [ Internal(Full Access) ] to the top level of your list. The thing where you are missing is to grant the selective access to the automated user 'Internal(Full Access)' that runs the process for you. To fix this kindly follow the below steps.


    1) Navigate to the top level of your list in the grid view.

    2) Now under 'Write' column kindly add 'Internal(Full Access)' to the list of users who all can access the list.


    It would solve your issue for sure.



  • I forgot to precise but I did, and it's not solved my issue.