Auto-sum, average, min, max etc. on a Board's card when you expand


It is necessary to see the same auto metrics you get on a board when you highlight cells after you expand a card.  


Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 11.03.27 AM.png

^On a board before expandingScreen Shot 2022-09-15 at 11.03.39 AM.png

^On a board after expanding


  • Hi @KBeltz


    You only see these matrices when the card is in its normal view on the dashboard.

    Once you expand the card, these matrices don't show up.


    Note:- Your second image is blank


  • @anand.shekhawat -- I think the expand without a photo was a joke... because it's missing.  😂


    @KBeltz -- I kudo'd, because agree -- these sum/average/etc is helpful when examining a larger view on on board.  Guess the alternative is a worksheet? 😅

  • @kaitchura  good idea! I wouldn't say it solves the issue as but it is a decent workaround.  Have the title of the card link to the worksheet for the card.. 


    @anand.shekhawat Yes, what you said was exactly my issue.  It is blank, and that is the problem.  


    @community this is a suggestion for the platform improvement! may have put it in the wrong space