Suggestions on building a certain Bar Graph in New UX Page


I would like advise on how to build a certain view of a Bar Graph in the new UX Page. I have had trouble trying to build an image of this graph down below. I was able to do this as two separate Pie Chart's, yet not able to do so as a Bar Graph. Please advise on how to replicate this as a Bar Graph. 


Pie Chart Version





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  • Hi @neg177 


    This is quite possible in two different Column charts. Follow the below steps

    1) Create a module with 4 line items as CA, NY, VA & Bankruptcy

    2) Fetch the required numbers for the respective months/years, I have taken few random numbers below



    3) Create a Column chart on the NUX by using the module with below pivot format


    4) Don't forget to select the chart type to 'Column' from the overview section.



    5) Now check the radio button on Stacked



    6) You would get the chart somewhat like below


    This could be your Collections or Expenses depending upon your calculations.

    There would be two different charts. It would be difficult to bring both Collections and Expenses in the same view/chart


    I hope it helps




  • Thank you for your Review, but that is not the exact view the end user's are looking for. They want those two line items on the same graph (Collections and Expenses) showing the different percentages by State. I have shown the end user the view you have suggested before and they want something exactly like the snip shot I gave. 


    Thank you 

  • Perhaps I'm missing something, but this seems relatively simple to build. See screenshot below.










    Module blueprint:



  • Yes! Thank you