Issue importing Products list into Model - First Course


I have my Product Hierarchy set up, Imported Families under All Products, when I try to import Products.csv I get the following message:

Import into ---Product Hierarchy--- list failed: distinct names found for same code - check mapping and/or data


I have changed settings, configurations, hierarchy, numbered vs non numbered list. I am a loss for what the setting should be.

Tree:                                                   Grid

---Product Hierarchy---                  

  Products                                          ---Product Hierarchy---

     Choc                                             Products                   CH

     Sour                                              Products                   SO

      ****                                               Products                   TY  

      Fudg                                             Products                   TY


Configuration is

Top Level  ---Product Hierarchy---

Parent       blank

Category   Products



What have I done incorrectly?






  • Hi @MPW280 


    ( I could see that the codes you mentioned above for **** and Fudge are same) 


    I hope you have loaded the data into 'P1 Product family correctly. Kindly follow the below steps for further build.

    1) You have to create a new List as 'P2 Products' and set its Parent Hierarchy as 'P1 Product Family'.

    2) Now load the Products.csv file into this 'P2 Products' list with proper mapping.


    From the error that you have posted, it seems you are trying to load the file into the dummy list (--- Product Hierarchy ---)


    Let me know if it helps



  • I did figure it out, but I am still having some trouble allocating the right Name, Code, etc to the proper Parent, Code in the source vs destination grid get the data to align with where it needs to be. Is there a source to help me clear that up?





  • Hi MPW280,


    In a normal list names and codes are cannot repeat at any point. But in your case codes against **** and Fudge is the same, i.e. (TY). Ideally, It should be the attached screen. 


    Kindly edit this in your file and you will be good to go. 




    Kindly let us know, if it worked out for you or not.


    Thanks & Regards

    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital Tech

  • Thanks.