How to add a create form action (new UX) to a process?


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I have a numbered list that I'm using it as a staging list. I have a module dimensioned by this numbered list only. I added a line item to generate automatically code for this numbered list. 

CODE = MID(NAME(ITEM(# Numbered_List)), 2, LENGTH(NAME(ITEM(# Numbered_List))) - 1)

I have another two line items:

ITEM CODE = CODE(ITEM(# Numbered_List))


In the UX page, I added a saved view of this module which has some additional line items for user input. 


I added a "Create Form" action using new UX feature, and did not activated the code, so when this action is run, a new list member is added to the # Numbered_List but without a code. As you know, "Numbered Lists without a Code" is not a best practice and reduces performance. So, I created an import list action which imports the CODE line item (in this saved view UPDATE CODE? is used as a filter). I can run these two actions on the UX page and I can able to add new list item to the # Numbered_List which also has an auto generated code. 


Therefore, my question is, how can I add these two actions in a process? Since the create form action is a new UX feature, I could not find on the model Actions, therefore cannot add these two into a process, so that user will only run a process, rather than running these two actions manually. 


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  • Hi Muratakkas,


    Currently, forms are created at the story level, but these are published into models. Hence we are not able to include forms into a process. 


    @JaredDolich , Do we have any work around on this?


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    Badam Anjani Prasad

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  • @muratakkas 

    If you want to make a multi-action process you should use an old-school method. And unfortunately you can't use Forms as @Badam  said. Actually these two actions can be replaced by a single import in your case.

    The excersise is pretty simple. A line item calculating the next number for code should be imported as a new element in your list (unique identifier = code).

  • As others have noted, what you are looking for is not possible in the platform today. There is an open Idea on the Idea Exchange for this, so I recommend kudoing, following, and adding any comments to it if needed.