I have just started using CloudWorks, it's a great Anaplan in-built tool for integrations and processes but does anyone have any idea how can we run subsequent process in it. for ex. I have a process A and process B in my model and I want to run in a manner that as soon as process A is complete, Process B should start running? (like a chain of processes)



Anmol Sarna


  • Hi @anmol1111 ,


    Think you can try to schedule the 2 processes in cloud works with a slight delay, the model should not start the second process before the first has ended, but think the simplest thing would be to simply make a new process in your model that has all the actions from the 2 current processes in the proper sequence and schedule that in CloudWorks. 


    As CloudWorks integrations have a limited count per tenant, this would also be better for making sure you don't run out of the integrations allocated to you. 



  • Hi @anmol1111 

    you can merge the process or else you can create one more process and add the actions in such order.



  • Hey Manjunath, by merging the process - do you mean combining it within anaplan model itself??
  • yeah, unless it is required to run separately or you can create a new one using all those actions. 

  • You currently cannot manage within anaplan 2 process with one triggering the other.

    Apart from the previously options mentionned, you will need an external process manager.

    As we are using aws already, we use an aws service called step function to trigger a anaplan process after another one is completed.

    If you are using a cloud computing provider like aws or the other ones (google cloud or azure), it can be an option and the cost is low (aws step function has a 4000 monthly run for their free tier level. So Depending on your process frequency and volume, it can be used for free)

  • As noted by others today in Cloudworks there is no ability to setup an integration job stream to run a series of processes sequentially.  There is an idea proposed in the exchange that recommends this functionality be added.  If this would be helpful to your use case be sure to add your support via a kudo/comment.

  • Hi @anmol1111

    CloudWorks has recently come up with the new feature called as " Integration flow". This is available in CloudWorks tab.
    This feature can be used to execute a sequence of integration & also schedule integration one after another.

  • Yep, very useful key improvement to chain processes across models.

    Now if we can have the ability to trigger these from ux with the usual switches, we will have a great integration