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I do not find the corresponding course, but during training for MB certification, it was said that the best practice to reset values of a line item (numeric or boolean for example) was to create a line item with no data as format, and to import this line item into the first one.

I would like to reset a user validation boolean, on a module dimensioned by 2 subsets: POS and products. I noticed that reset action on line item dimensioned by full lists works correctly, but as soon as a subset is involved, the reset does not work anymore. Can anyone please confirm this, or at least tell me how to make it work with subsets?


It is annoying for me to use a boolean line item with FALSE value to reset the validation boolean, since each line item has more than 70 millions cells (and this value could grow up).


Thanks a lot for your help 🙂 

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  • EmmelineM

    hello @KirillKuznetsov 

    There is no error but my boolean is still true.
    I just selected "clear target prior to import" instead of "only update imported cells" and it seems to reset the boolean line item correctly now. I suppose this was the reason why the reset didn't work before (which I don't fully understand, since in each dimension I select to clear matched items in source prior to import).

    Thanks for your time 🙂


  • @EmmelineM 

    Could you please show what error you get saying that "the reset does not work"? Or there is no error and it's just not loading any value?

    Have you tried to load from a line item with subsidary view (w/ no dimensions) using saved view on all dimensions of this module?