[First Look] Tab Split View







Feature: Tab Split View

Release Date: September 2022
Impact Assessment: Optional Change



What is changing?

A tab split screen (view) will now be available for both Workspace Administrators and End Users. This functionality is comparable to the undock feature in the classic experience.

What are the benefits?

With the tab split view, you can now enjoy more ways to audit your work, compare items, verify your results and manage your imports. With lists and line-item subsets now included in the tab experience, the tab split view allows you to create even more combinations than was previously possible.

Will I have to do anything?

The functionality is optional and is activated with a simple right-click and selecting “Open Split View” in the drop-down.

What should I be aware of?

You can create a split screen view between two available tabs or between a model object and an available tab. Two panels will appear when you activate the split view, dividing the screen evenly. Tabs can be viewed on either the left or right panels. Model objects can only be viewed on the left panel. Dashboard and Module functionalities are available in either panel, including opening the formula editor (only available for one tab at a time).

What is available in split view:

  • Model Tabs (end users): Dashboards and Modules (as made available)
  • Model Tabs (workspace administrators): Dashboards, Modules, Lists, and Line-item Subsets
  • Model Objects (workspace administrators):
    • Settings: Time, Versions, Users, General List, Modules, Actions, and Content
    • Other Objects: Model Map and History

 This is the first step in creating the framework to allow for additional tab split functionality in the future.


Check out the video to see Tab Split View in action.





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  • @eschera It's good to hear that this one has been ported from Classic UX, it will definitely make development easier and faster!

    "This is the first step in creating the framework to allow for additional tab split functionality in the future." - does it mean that more features connected to this functionality is coming soon? It would be nice to have some keyboard shortcut to open/close a tab in split view, as well as have multiple tabs open on the right side to be able to quickly toggle between them.

  • @M.Kierepka I can't speak to the keyboard shortcuts, but I do know that the concept of multi-tabs is being explored.  @SriG

  • Hello @M.Kierepka, as @eschera mentioned, additional tab split view functionality is on the roadmap. That includes the ability to open multiple tabs open on the right side. I will add key board shortcuts for consideration. 

  • Thanks, that will be helpful, can't wait!

  • Already super useful!