[First Look] Enhanced Object Search





Feature: Enhanced Object Search

Release Date: February 2022
Impact Assessment: Quicker navigation & model building



What is changing?

The new Search functionality is a new and centralized way to explore model objects and simplify how you navigate throughout your models

What are the benefits?

A single search will find objects across dashboards, modules, line items, line-item subsets, lists, list properties, and list subsets. The search functionality also works from within the formula editor to drastically reduce the number of clicks required to build your formulas. 

Will I have to do anything?

The functionality is optional to use and is available either through the model search icon in the left panel OR by using Ctrl + Shift + F (Windows) or CMD + Shift + F (Mac).

What should I be aware of?

This new feature will make finding any object a breeze within your model, but there are a few things to be aware of:


  • Exact words are not required for your search – partial characters will also return results
  • Other than modules or dashboards any object you select will take you to the blueprint or modeling view for that object
  • To filter your search to specific object type results, you can either:
    • Click on the object type
    • Use your keyboard arrows to highlight the object type and press enter
      • You can also use the arrows to select a specific item as well.
    • Searching for list subsets within the formula editor will return results but are still not available to include in formulas

Not Included

  • Individual list members will not be returned in your search
  • Actions are not included in object search functionality

CTRL or CMD + Shift +F in the formula editor is required to activate the model object search functionality. The selected object will also automatically populate within your formula for line items, line-item subsets, lists, or list properties. 


Check this video to see how Model Object Search can be used.





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