Referencing line item of module into list


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I use the import from module functionality to update the list from a module line item. However since its a manual process and the list wont get updated for any changes in the line item of module unless i again start the import process, is there any way wherein i can reference the line item of module in the formula bar of the list


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  • ryan_kohn

    Because you need to insert a new item into the target list, it needs to be done via an import action.


    When do new cities get added into the City list? This is something you would typically want to load in from a data hub via an upstream system. The best approach here would be to add the City-SKU import action into that automated data ingestion process.


  • Can you expand on the overall process? e.g. what data in stored in the module that you are importing into the list? How does this copy-over of data fit into the overall business process? How is the original source data updated over time and how often?


    Some initial thoughts:

    • It is certainly possible to write a formula that refers to module data (this capability is core to Anaplan). The formula can be written into a module line item (recommended), or into a list property (not recommended per our best practices).
    • You still need to run an action to do one of the below things:
      • Insert an item into a list
      • Delete an item from a list
      • Update the NAME, CODE, or PARENT associated with a list item
  • @ryan_kohn Eg. I have created a module [Attachment] which has a line item which combines City_SKU Combination which combines the names of 2 list. I wish to create a combination list from the module line item. Hence i do import into list from module.


    When i insert one City to the City list, the module will by default contain the city, but the list created from module.line item wont be updated and i would need to manually do the import once again after updation. However i wish to have this process automated  


    Hence i created numbered list with a property and wish to add formula in the property to reference the module.line item. And am looking for any idea about the formula