Different numbers being imported

I have 2 modules, both with exactly the same structure (2 dimensions, multiple versions, no time scale, and with only one line item). 

I created a simple import from one module to the other, however, once the import has run successfully with no errors, I'm getting different numbers landing in the corresponding cells in the Target module.   


I'm totally stumped.

It should be the most straight forward import.  I feel like there's something really simple I must be missing.


  • Do you have any specific example or screenshot you can share? May help for diagnosing the problem.


    Some other things to look for:

    • Do your lists have selective access configured?
    • Is Dynamic Cell Access configured?
    • Double check your mappings are for the exact same list items (e.g. NAME->NAME or CODE->CODE)
    • Any relevant filters on the source view?
    • Could your configuration of Clear Target Prior to Import be causing unintentional aggregation?