Data Import with different level hierarchy


Hi All,


I have a data hub model from where data is exported to multiple spoke models.

Hierarchy in data hub is as follows




Whereas in one of spoke model the hierarchy is as below




I want to make a data import from Data Hub to Spoke model for loading the data at L2 level.

The above screenshot in target module is a saved view at L2 level.


I don't want to add a dummy L3 level in Data Hub or make any hierarchy changes in Data Hub.

Is there any other way i can import this data ?

Source Module - L2 Dimensioned.
Target Module - L3 Dimensioned.


Any assistance on this is highly appreciated.

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  • KirillKuznetsov


    You can load data into a parent level (L2) only if you use breakback on this module. But this means that child elements at L3 level will have the source data splited as per breakback rules.

    Otherwise, you can load data from Data hub into a module dimensionned by L2 list as in the source. And then refer to it in L3 module using lookup.



  • @KirillKuznetsov Thanks for the reply.


    Option 1 won't be suitable in my case so a i am looking at 2.

    I have loaded data into target module dimensioned at L2 level, But if L3 has multiple children, Lookup fetches the same value for all the children which will increase the total value.


    Below is L2 Import.



    Below is Lookup at L3 level.



    Looking forward for your reply.



  • @KS2703 

    Do you have L3 data in the data hub but not in a module dimensioned by L2? If you have a module where the data is available in 2D format (just rows and columns)  you could just add L3 attribute in the source module and then use that as a saved view for target.


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix

  • @KS2703 

    I thought it is what you want  - to spread the same value down to children elements based on the data of thier parents. If not that, then what? Do you want to split this data somehow?

    Could you please make an example of what you are trying to achive? How data from L2 level has to be distribute on L3?