6.11.1 Activity: Add Version Details Module


While creating the versions module the budget doesn't show up why?

Help me here plz.

Screenshot (5).png



  • @Csta

    Two questions:

    Did you use built-in Versions list?

    Have you created Budget version in the versions tab?


  • @Csta 


    It looks like you don't have Budget added as a version.  


    Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 10.29.12 AM.png


    Once you have Budget as a Version then you should see it appear as a column and you can add a formula to your "Budget?" line item. 

  • I used the built in version.

  • Got it.


  • Just wondering, as I ran into the same issue. Was there somewhere before Lesson 6 where we were asked to manually created a 'budget' version in the versions tab? I don't remember receiving this instruction so I didn't that the 'Budget' column either. Thanks for your help!