Level 2 2.3.10 Growth Rate Formula Error


Hello All-


I am getting an error when applying the growth percentage formula

Dimension of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the result


Here is the formula I am using:

    'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'1st Forecast Year?'
    'DEM02 Volume Growth Rates by Week'.Growth % [LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product Family]
I have sum set to none on the Growth % line item.  
Any tips? 


  • Hi @VHoward,


    The below mentioned formula is correct. Kindly check the format of the SYS08 SKU Details. Product Family. It should be "P1 Product Family".




  • Thank you Sathya.  I must be fairly close, as I am no longer getting the error.  Now I am just not getting any results.  


    Screen shots attached. 

  • Please check your Applies To in the "Growth %" Line Item. It must include P3 SKU and Accounts as dimension.



  • Interesting...it will let me add Accounts in Applies To in the "Growth %" Line Item...but when adding P3 SKU I get the dimension error again. 

  • Any further suggestions.  I have followed advice in posts and still do not have data.  Attaching screen shots of related Modules.  One curious thing is that the data view of SYS08 has product family as blank.  Maybe that is a problem? 



  • Please find below the screenshots of SYS08 SKU Details and DEM03 Demand Forecast modules.

    The line items Growth % (DEM03) and Product Family (SYS08) dimensions are blank in the "Applies To". Kindly correct them and you can see the result (refer below screenshots)







  • A LOOKUP formula acts as a bridge between two or more dimensions where the target and the mapping module share a common dimension. The bridge from the source module to the target is then completed via the line item in the mapping module which must be formatted as the missing dimension in the source.

    In your case the source module must contain the product family dimension as the line item in the mapping module SYS08 is set to Product Family and the target module must contain SKU as a dimension as this is the dimension of the SYS08.

    The error message indicates that one of this is not the case. Check that you are using the correct SYS module and referencing the correct line item to map from source to target.
  • Your product family line item is a subsidiary view.
    Go into the blueprint and change the applies to for this line item to match the module.