Level 1 exam - model building activity 2



I'm trying to do the activity 2: 

"update the REV02 volume inputs module to include a formula to pull data from the DATA 02 SKU Volumes module". And tried the formula: 

'DATA02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes
but I get the error message: 
Level mismatch on common dimension




  • @fabianmp 

    Check the dimensions of your DAT02 module.  The dimensions should be: 

    1.G3 Location
    2. P3 SKUs 
    3. Time Scale = Month 

    The screenshot of your REV02 module looks correct. 

  • Hi Goza

    I already have the dimensions in the DATA02 Module but still came up the message of 



  • @fabianmp 


    Can you share a screenshot of the general lists section and a screenshot of your modules.  Like the one you have above, but that includes REV02.  



    Hey Goza

    thanks for your answer. I already got a solution. I had to change the hierarchy of P3 Sku List. I had the parent to product family and I changed to P2 product and ran the formula in REV02 and worked. 






  • Goza,

    Sorry, I change it but now I have another error.

    Now I have zeros. 

    dont know why and how continue 

    Can you please help me?













  • Can anyone please help me?

  • @fabianmp 


    I would trace the formula back to identify the issue.  Your formula is referencing the DATA02 module, do you have data populated in the module for the intersections in your screenshot (Japan and Chocolates)?  If not, then you may need to look at the import you created to populate DATA02 and make sure it's working correctly.  You might also need to run the action again, changes you made in the model could have cleared the data you initially imported. 

  • we have the same problem

  • @fabianmp may you help me?

  • What is the time format for file import?

    PFA- error