Level 2 - Sprint 1-

Options Create Filter and Saved View for DAT01 Module 

In the Data Hub model, DAT01 Beginning Inventory module, apply a filter and create a saved view: 

  • Module Name: DAT01 Beginning Inventory
  • Saved View Name: Export 

The filter needs to work on one axis, so pivot the module view: 

  • Columns: Line Items 
  • Rows: SKU Flat list, s Location Flat: Distribution Center? list

Apply a filter to display only product SKU inventory values not equal to zero:

  • Create a rule for the nested dimensions (SKU Flat and s Location Flat: Distribution Center?) to show values where DAT01 Beginning Inventory: Filter is equal to checked.
  • Enable the filter.

Select SHOW for the Beginning Inventory line item and save the view. 



    I have completed this model building activity.






    is this all the activity?

    Below is the attached with my final final saved view



    iisnxsxb2022-09-24 (8).png