Lookup on Parent elements


ello anaplan Community, Hello anaplan Support, we stumbled upon a problem that seems to us like a functional error of anaplan. Example Setup: List "List_A":

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

List "List_B"

  • a
    • aa
    • bb
  • b
  • c
  • d
  • e

Module "Module_A" Lists: "List_A" Line-Items:

  • Value_B: Formula: B_Module.Value[LOOKUP: Lookup_B]
  • Lookup_B: Format: List_B

imageModule "Module_B" Lists: "List_B" Line-Items:

  • Value


  • I Want to push the values fetch the values from "Module_B" in "Module_A" using the Line-Item Item.
  • If i want to get a child element it works.
  • If i want a parent element it does not work and shows a zero.

This works: imageThis does not work: imageI already found a workaround for my problem. But it is a workaround and i try to avoid workarounds.

  • Why does my approach fail?
  • Is it an error in anaplan or is the functinality disabled on purpose?

Thank you very much in advance for an answer. See you on the next anaplan hub Moritz Knorr (AXA Germany)



  • Hi Moritz

    Unfortunately the images you have included do not show up here - you need to add them as attachments.

    Great that you have found a workaround! Interested to see what you had to do and if the community would suggest any alternative solutions.

  • Hi Kirsty,
    thank you, that you want to help! :)

    Here is a link to the whole post as a pdf, since the images are working on my smartphone and colleagues computer.

  • Is anyone able to help me with this topic? 😞
  • Hi Moritz,
    Have you tried to use SUM instead of LOOKUP? I think it's a more natural and flexible approach, not a workaround.
    Instead of using a "Lookup_B" line item in your target module, try to create a "Sum_A" line item in your source module, and then retrieve the values with Value_B=B_Module.Value[SUM: B_Module.Sum_A]
    Hope this helps
  • Anurag0911
    edited June 21

    Can you share the Workaround for this? Not able to see the PDF. I know Select works in this case but i want to avoid using it.