UX Instructions Text font size decreased?


Hi everyone,


It appears a recent update allows greater control over text formatting within Text cards on UX pages, which is a welcome improvement. However, it appears for us this has caused every instance of "Instructions" style text to go down to font size 10, which is significantly smaller than it was before. I'm attaching a screenshot example of one of our pages. 


We use the Instructions style pretty extensively on most of our pages within the UX. Has this affected anyone else? Would rather not have to go through individually to fix each box as it would take hours...





  • Have been experiencing the same issue as well!! 

  • Yes, this is an issue for my team as well.

  • Same issue! Unfortunately a very time-consuming, manual fix.

  • Wonder if support / dev ops would be able to do a change so that the default is 14 say?

    Thankfully we've been mostly using "Normal" for these...

  • @TimothyThomas : think i'm starting to lose the plot, which as it is 5pm here is entirely possible. Was about to start updating my small size instructions to 14 and by magic they're now like that. Could you check a random one of yours that you know you've not changed??

  • My Instruction Boards are now at 14 by default. 

  • Thanks for the reply @andrewtye ! Yes, it appears that ours have been changed to a size 14 default.


    I had submitted a ticket to Support and it looks like they jumped on it thankfully. Hopefully that's the case for everyone - and thanks Support for the quick fix!



  • So, yesterday I changed the text on many pages of mine from instructions to normal. The pages that I didn't switch yet now have the instructions text at 14pt, but when I went into the pages I changed to revert back to instructions, it's still defaulting back to 10pt. Anyone know why that might be happening?