Compare two lists, one of it being numbered list


Can someone advise me how to compare two lists, one of it being number list ?



  • @algrigore 

    Great question. By "compare" I'm assuming you want to find where they intersect and where they don't. In Anaplan two lists can easily be compared, numbered or not, but there has to be a module that relates them together. Here is a quick way to accomplish what you want.

    • Create a module using one of the lists.
    • Using the Code or the Name of the list item, use FINDITEM to locate it in the other list. 
    • Create a Boolean that looks for ISBLANK on the FINDITEM line item. If it's not blank then you found a match, if it is blank then no match.
    • Repeat the module using the other list.
    • Once you have both modules set up, create filters on the items that didn't match so you can handle the outer joins if you need.
  • And if the numbered list doesn't have a code it's a bit tricker. You can look up in the non-numbered list but not the other way around.

    In the FINDITEM formula will just need to reference the Display Name line item.

    One way around no code in non-numbered is to have the module with both lists in it and have a line item that does numbered.display name = and then use that as a reference point with ANY as summary setting against the list modules.

    Really make sure you've got codes in your lists!!

  • Hi,


    I did the steps until the Boolean part, I`m not sure how to use the formula.

    Do you have an example?


  • So where the numbered list is dimensioned you won't be able to have name(item(list)) as the reference point as that will just return a number. Do you have a display name that you'll be able to use instead.

    Then in the check it's a simple isblank(WBS element) formula