L1MB Activity 8.8.4 - Unable to Add Formula


Hi there,

I am trying to use the following formula, as stated in the training curriculum, but continue to get an error for "Data type mismatch" (attached).  I've read through the related issues but none seem to be the same error.  Wondering if I imported the size incorrectly?  The numbers lined up correctly but did not have the gram measurement as shown in the example. 


Formulas that prompt the error:

'REV03 Margin Calculation'.Revenue[SUM: 'SYS06 Product Details'.Size]

'REV03 Margin Calculation'.Cost of Sales[SUM: 'SYS06 Product Details'.Size]


Appreciate any help, please!



  • @stephaniejlw 

    Most likely the "size" line item needs to be formatted as a list (size). I suspect you have it formatted as text. See if that helps!

  • Hi @JaredDolich,
    Thanks for the quick response. I have it formatted as a number, and if I change it to list, it removes the data from the import in that line. Hopefully I've not misunderstood your suggestion? Any other advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • @stephaniejlw 

    Hang in there. You're on the right track. In Anaplan, we have a new formatting type called the LIST format. so in this case you will be formatting "Size" as a LIST. In this case the "Size" list. The only way to use SUM and LOOKUP is to use a list formatted line item. Here's how SYS06 should look. Give it another try! You'll need to reload the size properties after you change the format.



  • Thank you so much, @JaredDolich! That fixed my issues 🙂