How to call or automate an action created on New UX in a script?


I have a custom workflow built. User will click on the promote button to move it to the next level. (It changes the Boolean in the back end module). Now in order to send an email to approver, I have created a separate action. But user don't want to click two button separately for this. So, how can I combine these promotion button and email notification button in a single process? 


Or is there a way to call these notification action name/ID which is created on the UX in Anaplan connect or any in any other way and so I can schedule these notifications rather than a manual click from front end? 


  • @VSekar 


    I think Manual click is the only way to Invoke Notifications from UX.



    Miz Logix

  • As of today, there is no native Anaplan functionality where you can both update data and send a notification in a single action in the UX.


    If you are open to scripting, it is possible to write a script that "monitors" a specific Anaplan field to determine when to send a notification via email. While it's not your specific example, you can see some examples of this in this Community article: Integrated Error Handling and Email Notification