Import Data Module and List at the same time


Hi everyone,


I have this concern of my current model, since the user will be the one to add/upload the data.

I need a friendly dashboard for them to upload the file to a Data Module. But what will happen if there are new data even amongst the lists inside of that uploaded file?


So I made this small test, where I create 2 lists and use them in a Data Module.






and this is the module



Let say that I want the user to be able to add Color name Orange while importing data Qty(or just any column) into this module.

Is there a way to achieve that? 

I think there will be a couple processes to achieve this but I'll be happy to hear your ideas.


Thank you for you help


  • Hi @deantari 


    You are trying to load data into a module having multiple line items where one of the line item is 'List Formatted'. So, when the file has new list item (ie, not present in the List) then system throws error message as 'Item not exist' in the error log post running an action/process. 

    Now, to solve this concern the best method is to update the list first and then upload the data into the module. Please follow the below steps,

    1.  Upload the same file into the list (D | Color) by mapping 'Colors' column to the 'Name' of the list. 

    2. Upload the file into the module 

    3. Create a Process and add the above 2 actions into the process.

    Hence, by this we are updating the list first and then uploading the data into the module. 

    Hope it helps!