How to Publish a List to dashboard from a Classic to N Ux?


Greetings all - I'm fairly new to Anaplan and could not find anything extensive on how to publish a list into a dashboard in the new UX.  I have imported some pages from Classic to UX App and understand that some action buttons and other subsidiaries, charts do not copy (I don't know when this will be fixed) but not sure why a list cannot be sent to an existing UX dashboard.  Forgive my little known facts but I may be missing some steps on how/where.

Appreciate your support!


Attaching some screenshots



  • @EricMed 

    Yep, you are correct. In classic, we could publish a list to a dashboard, although it was generally not considered a best practice because it has some security loopholes. In UX the best way to simulate the same thing is to use forms. This allows you to add to the list. Use a Boolean checkbox & delete action to remove list items. You'll love forms. They also allow you to add system module properties in addition to adding list items. For advanced use cases, you can add multiple list items at once using a driver (line item) from a non-dimensionalized module. Use a list that counts the number indicated on the driver and create as many list items as needed.

  • @JaredDolich - Thanks for your quick response. I was going the form direction :). I may have to remove the entire thing and revisit the page. Thank you!