Update DEM03 Demand Forecast Module


Good morning, 


I am doing this activity by pivoting my module.

With P3 SKU and account set up as default ( Nutzo bar EN and Candyate), i can flag or unflag the "override?" check box.



Then I want to set up as the activity asks me but the checkbox of override? disappears, and cannot set up final forecast at 71



Is there any explanation about the issue I have? 

Or I have to do it in another way?


Thank you in advance




  • @ArthurRobbe 


    If you look at the selection in your screenshot 2, it is different than the first screenshot. First thing you need to check is that if these are aggregated levels - you can edit these checkboxes only at the granular levels & not at aggregated levels.


    Also check if there is any selective access applied to product dimension and if so make sure you have write access to it. Finally check Dynamic cell access on that line item.


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix



  • Hi @Misbah , thank you for your quick answer,


    Indeed, I was not looking for the right level, I finally could change and flag the box I wanted to.


    have a nice day