Anaplan to Tableau Unexpected Error when Creating Relationships between Exports


Hello fellow Anaplanners!


I'm curious if anyone has encountered the following error with the Anaplan to Tableau connector?  Our Tableau developer is attempting to create an extract and define a relationship between multiple exports from Anaplan.  The error message isn't clear as to the underlying cause, the data/export is available in Anaplan  and our teams are struggling to understand if this is an Anaplan issue, a Tableau issue, or a connector issues. 



Some additional background on the Anaplan to Tableau extract being attempted:  

  • One export is being used to define the relationships, this is based on the lowest level list and includes the names, codes, and parent
  • Exports are all flattened data, no hierarchical lists used.
  • Each relationship in the Tableau extract represents a one to many cardinality.
  • Error is only occurring on when attempting to add a large data set where each child items may be present multiple times (multidimensional modeling in Anaplan).  This export is a 200x larger file than the other files and takes a significant amount of run time to load into Tableau.
  • See graphic below to illustrate the relationships in Tableau and where the error is occurring.


***This is my understanding of the issue as an Anaplan developer, I unfortunately do not have experience with Tableau but am hoping there are members of this community who can help.  Thanks in Advance!!!!  


Best Answer

  • ChrisStauffer

    If you are able to export from Anaplan and Tableau can see the data, then it sounds like a downstream Tableau issue.

    You might try exporting a very small sample set of data that does not contain duplicate child names to see if that's giving Tableau a hard time mapping the items.


  • Thanks @ChrisStauffer . Due to recurring issues with the native tableau connector and limitations on the available join functionality we changed our data strategy to remove reliance on that connector. We found the issue not to be with Anaplan but with the connector. When we stage the same data in Oracle we are able to create the extracts in Tableau without issue.