ETL - Summary for hierarchy




I am trying to build an ETL that will upload into a client's ERP system. They have some nuanced requirements, and I'm struggling to build one of those into our module. In the image below, I need to have the parent values displayed  for the highlighted columns:



This module uses L2 for account numbers, and the parent is in L1. Is this possible? Blueprint is below:





  • @DavidHunter 

    Hey David. You can just add a line item that uses the PARENT function. This will allow you to have both the ITEM and the PARENT, L1 and L2, in the same grid for export.

  • This is great, thank you! I'm realizing the hierarchies we're using for this specific ETL aren't designed for that type of solution. However that's an easy fix. I'll just implement this systems module with the whole income statement then reference it via lookup.


    Thanks again for the solution!

  • @DavidHunter 


    Quick question, why are needing to export summarized/aggregated data?  Usually, you only need to export detailed level data and then the target system aggregates the data.

  • Hey Rob, This is how the request came through. I do not have the details on the system being uploaded to unfortunately.