How to avoid default view subset module when an item other than in subset is selected in full list


I have a Full List (FL List) with Items A, B, C, D, E and Subset List (SS List) C, D, E


FL List is usen in Module A, Module B

and View of Module A is published With List Items A, B, C, D, E are in the rows. 


Module B is published with Full list as Page Selectors


SS List is used in Module C

and it has some line items which are filter based on the Items C, D, E

it is published on the same Dashboard with SS List as page selector but hidden. 


Now as the users clicks on Item A or makes selection in Page selectors, In View of Module is it shows Line Items linked with C. 


The requirement is if A, B selected nothing should be shown in the View of Module C.

Is it possible?





  • Great Question. 

    To achieve this there's a number of approach is there. For a hint: You can create the final line item formula as based on the C, D, E and blank for the other two. So that both module should link correctly and if you select the selector of module A it will work perfectly in C as well. 


    In new UX we may achieve this things easily. I never faced such issue, but you can try for that. Or if possible you can take actions for your achieving the result. As per requirement. 




    Hope it helps for you. If it is please accpet my answer as solution. 




  • @jagadishdash 


    Thanks for the response Jagadish. 


    I am usinf NUX and facing the issue in NUX. Can you please throw some light. 


    Come to your first solution, I did not understand it. Could you please care to explain?



  • As per my understanding of your problem: You can create the final calculation line item formula with linked to the  both module. (One-- Module with whole list, second -- module with subset list line item) 

    So if the final calc formula will be driven by both it'll achieve you solution. 

    Try once if the module and line items of calc are designed as I told. 




    Hope you got little idea of my thought. If it is please accept answer as solution. 



  • @CommunityMember131103 ,


    If my understanding is correct, your objective is to:

    - Selectively show line items based on a filter (which is dependent on list items), where the module is dimensioned by a subset

    - And, show Nothing if the list item selected is not part of the subset


    It can be achieved using a filter created in a module dimensioned by LISS. Below are the screenshots with outputs corresponding to various selections of List items, and underlying logic:


    Assuming you want to show following line items of module C based on List items:

    List item A = show nothing

    List item B = show nothing

    List item C = show line items actual, price

    List item D = show line items forecast, price

    List item E = show line items actualforecast


    A selected = show nothing in module C

    A Selected.png


    B selected = show nothing in module C

    B Selected.png

    C selected = show line items actual, price

    C Selected.png

    D selected = show line items forecast, price

    D Selected.png

    E selected = show line items actual, forecast

    E Selected.png

    NUX Filter of Module C

    NUX Filter.png

    LISS module (Line item = Filter, Rows = list subset, Columns = LISS created from module C)


    Hope this helps!







  • @Vinay VaradarajM 


    Thank you for your response. 


    You understood the my query clearly. This is absolutely working. 

    Actually I did the same but I forgot to add a details, the only problem is When A, B are under a different parent and C,D,E are under a different parent it does not work. 




  • @CommunityMember131103 ,


    Thanks for the details.

    It can still be achieved by making a few adjustments as follows:

    - In addition to the hierarchical list, a flat list also needs to be created with same list elements

    - Create an intermediate mapping module with the H List & Flat List as dimensions, and a line item to drive the filter

    - This line item is the only filter which will be required (instead of using the filter from the LISS module, we are making use of LISS filter in a formula as shown below)


    Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 8.39.19 PM.png


    Results below:


    A Selected

    Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 8.35.17 PM.png


    C Selected

    Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 8.35.27 PM.png


    E Selected

    Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 8.35.37 PM.png


    Hope this helps!