Hello All. New to this forum, go easy on me...


Hi all. New here but not new to Anaplan. I've been here nearly 9 years. I'm joining this forum to help out and spread knowledge. Will help create some content and articles - any suggestions, what do you need here as model contributors? Let me know what you need and what you want to see...
Post your questions, there are no stupid questions. I built my career asking stupid questions, it's the only way to learn. It only feels "stupid" because you're challenging yourself, learning from experts.

Just wanted to say hi and I hope to be spending a lot more time here... 👋


  • Welcome! Excited to have you contributing to the community.


    That is great that you will be writing articles for the community. Here are a few topics I think I would find helpful.

               1. API connections. Having seen the articles on the community there is still a lot of knowledge that can be shared here.

              2. Quick tips and tricks for converting a classic dashboard to the New UX dashboard. I think if you could share a general checklist one should follow when doing the conversion that would be great.


    Thank you!