Date Stamping the last time a Process was ran




I am aware that Anaplan does not have a Date Stamp ability and I have solutioned that; however, I am not sure how to apply a date stamp to the last time I ran a Process from the dashboard (e.g. If I run an Import today it should be stamped as 09/30/2022, or the last time it ran successfully). 


To do this, I was thinking of creating a boolean statement that IF Successful THEN Current.Date ELSE 0; however, since we can't reference our History tab I'm unsure how to go about determing if an import is successful or not. 


Any advice would be appreciated!


Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Yep. Great question - we all deal with this, so lots of answers. Here's something you can consider:

    As part of  your import add another import action that grabs that date stamp and imports it into each transaction or to your audit module. Quick and easy, just need to make sure the date stamp is updated regularly and before you run your data import.