Level 1 Model Building Exam -- Activity 5



I thought I was pulling the data correctly but I guess I was not.  Can anyone tell me if there is a problem with my formulas? Or maybe I should make some adjustments to my SYS08 Employee Details Module?


Any Help would be much appreciated.  Thank You!



  • @dangelo 

    I can provide some general guidance but I can not give you the solution as you need to work through this test independently. 




    LOOKUPS require a list formatted line item and it is through a lookup that you direct the formula to the correct dimensions in the source data. 




    Changing the format of a line item is a destructive action and will result in all data entered against that line item being lost.




    These are two items of guidance which should allow you to both solve the issues you are experience.


    (Note :- 

    Create the Top Level "All Roles" and move all the roles underneath the top level. Delete the staggard parent. This should prevent you from losing any data in your SYS08 Employees module.

    Delete and rebuild the Role list but this time create the top level first then import the roles. You will lose your SYS08 mapping so you'll also need to reload the roles into the SYS08 module.) 




    Hope it helps for you. If it is please accept my answer as solution.