Level 3 Sprint 1 User Story 1.3 DAT02 PY Revenue to CY




Please advise what am I doing wrong.

I imported PY Revenue data from Data Hub Model to Sales Planning Model.


Source - DAT05 Historic Revenue by Product,

Applies To: Accounts Flat (150 members), Products Flat (53 members),

Time scale: Quarter, Time range: FY19

Line item: Revenue

Cell count: 31,800 = 1 x 150 x 53 x 4 (Quarters)

Summary methods: None, None


Target - DAT01 Revenue PY with the same structure absolutely.

While mapping I see the screen below with an empty FY19 column. OK, I have no data for FY19 in the source file, but why does it appear if I set the summary for the target as None, None?




After running the import I get a message below. Failed 7,950 = 150 accounts x 53 products, I guess, for the total FY.




Another concern is the different timescales of Data Hub (weekly) and Sales Planning (monthly) models. Does it have any impact?


  • @YuriPinchuk 


    About the failures - when you create saved view you will have to make sure that the aggregated data is not part of your saved view ( In your case FY totals should not be part of saved View) .Create a filter in Data Hub which only shows quarters in the saved view and FY totals are filtered out.


    About the different time scale - make sure only the relevant data points are part of saved view. For example if you want to load only months in target model then only months should be part of saved view.


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix

  • @YuriPinchuk 

    Review your mapping definitions especially your line items. 


    You may be mapping into a single line item in the source but the mapping definition doesnt always have to be 'Fixed'.


    The error you are receiving relates to the inclusion of line items in the time mapping, Anaplan is unable to translate it into a valid time frame.



  • Thanks, @ChrisAHeathcote that's it!

  • @Misbah 


    Thanks for your advice!